Policy Statement:  Please read the policies carefully and bring any questions or concerns to one of our staff members.  Your signature on the student registration form indicates that you have been advised of Axis Dance Co’s policies for the 2018-2019 season.

Our Mission:  Axis Dance Co is committed to offering a safe and upbeat space for children and adults to grow not only as dancers, but as humans.  We want our students to gain a positive sense of self, creativity, responsibility and discipline while improving their dance technique and learning to appreciate all art forms.

Registration Fees:  Registration fees are due at the time of enrollment to secure a student’s place in the desired class/classes.  Registration fees are $30 per student or $55 per family and are non-refundable.  Each registered student will receive a studio t-shirt.

Tuition Policies: Tuition is due the 1st of each month regardless of attendance.  A late fee of $15 will be added to all unpaid accounts on the 11th of each month.  If tuition becomes two months delinquent students are subject to removal from classes.  Tuition is paid monthly from September through May. Tuition is paid monthly to hold a student’s place in a class or classes, and must be paid regardless of the student’s attendance each month. Some months will have five weeks of class while others have less; however, monthly tuition will remain the same. Tuition has been determined for the entire studio year and divided into monthly payments. Please remember you will not be sent a statement.

Payments:  For your convenience, we offer an ACH automatic withdrawal payment system for monthly tuition.  Please note, the automatic withdrawal will include any and all additional fees applied to your account.  This means costume fees, recital fees, competition fees, etc., will ALL be withdrawn along with tuition in the months they are due.  If you choose to enroll in this convenient payment method, it will remain in effect until you notify the office, in writing that the authorization should be terminated.  If for whatever reason, payments cannot be processed with the above payment information and your account remains overdue, late fees will be applied and enrollment in classes could be cancelled.  Please fill out the ACH Registration Form to enroll.  All ACH withdrawals will be made on the 5th of each month.

We also offer a convenient online pay system.  Online pay can be set up through the "Member Login" link on or website.  To sign up, click the "Member Login" link at axisdanceco.com.  From there click "Forgot Your Password?"  This is an important step in syncing your portal with our current records.  It will prompt you to enter the primary email address that you wrote on your registration paperwork.  It will then send you an email to setup a "new" password.  Once that is completed, you will be able to login to your account.

If you prefer, payments may be made at the front desk or dropped in the drop box in the lobby.  Payments may be made by cash, check, debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).  Always leave students name with payment.  Late fees will not be waived for declined credit cards. 

Return Checks:  There will be a $30.00 fee on all return checks.  This includes return checks through the ACH withdrawal program.  After two (2) return checks, all future payments must be made by cash or debit/credit card.

Recital Fees:  Recital fees secure a performance location for the annual spring recital.  Recital fees are $30 per student or $55 per family and are non-refundable.  Recital fees will be due with October tuition.  All balances must be up-to-date for students to participate in the year-end recital. Students must also attend all rehearsals prior to a performance in order to build confidence and help each student experience and appreciate the art of dance and performing. Help us make it a wonderful show.

Costumes:  Payments for costumes are non-refundable for any reason.  Costumes are $90 for each competitive class and $70 for each recreational class.  The first ½ of costume fees will be due with October tuition.  The remaining ½ of costume fees will be due with January tuition.  Costumes payments are due on the 1st of the month.  Late fees will be added to any accounts with unpaid costume fees as of the 11th of the month.  Costumes are not made custom for each student.  Alterations will be the parent’s responsibility.   

Solos/Duos/Trios:  Any student wishing to perform a solo/duo/trio at the year-end recital must have been enrolled in at least two technique classes for that dance year.  Any Axis Dance Co student may take private lessons or learn a solo/duo/trio for other performance opportunities such as a school talent show depending on the availability of faculty members.

Attendance:  Students are expected to be in class.  Class attendance is crucial for improvement and for the retainment of choreography.  Please refer to our Make Up Classes policy for students who must be absent for any reason.  Any recreational or competitive students, who miss more than two classes in any one month before a performance, may not be allowed to perform and no refunds will be given.  Special attendance guidelines are required for all company members.  These are listed in the Company Information Sheet.  In the event your dancer needs to miss a class for any reason, please call the studio office at 580-920-9910 or email info@axisdanceco.com so your child’s teacher can be informed of the absence. 

Make Up Classes:  Missed classes may be made up in any class of your choice as long as the makeup class is designed for the same age group and level as the class missed AND as long as tuition is current. No reductions or refunds are given for missed classes. A student taking a makeup class must inform the instructor taking the roll in order to avoid an added charge to their account. Make ups need to be made in the month missed. 

Injured Students:  An injured student is required to attend class and take notes.  Tuition is applied as usual and the student will be allowed to participate following a doctor’s release.

Inclement Weather:  We DO NOT necessarily follow the Durant Public School district in inclement weather cancellations.  In the event of a cancellation, a message will be left on the studio voicemail and social media accounts. We will make up a cancelled class due to inclement weather one time only.  Any additional cancellations may not be made up.  Tuition will not be adjusted.

Class Placement:  Students are placed in classes on an individual basis (based on age and ability) and will be advanced at the discretion of the instructor.  Registration is first come, first served and is secured by payment of tuition and registration fee as well as a signed Waiver/Release form.

Add/Drop/Change of Classes:  If a student wishes to add, drop or change a class after the initial enrollment, the proper form will need to be filed with the office by a parent or guardian.  All add/drop/change forms should be submitted by the 1st of the month to ensure the proper adjustment is made for tuition.  You are responsible for the payment of the tuition accrued if we have not received proper notification for an add/drop/change of class.  A student who drops and wishes to return within the same studio year will be responsible for the re-enrollment fee of $30.

Trial Class:  If a student is unsure if he/she wants to take a dance class and would like to try a class, we offer a trial class program.  The student may choose ONE class to try for ONE week.  If the child decides not to take any dance class after the trial class, no tuition will be charged.  However, if the child decides to enroll in the class that was chosen for the trial or in ANY other class, regular monthly tuition will be charged to include the week of the trial class.  The class selected must have space available in order to be eligible for a trial class.

Student Conduct:  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that aids in the learning process and produces a cohesive and family environment.  In case of behavior problems in class, we follow a “three strikes, you’re out” policy.  Two verbal warnings will be given.  Upon the third verbal warning, the student will be required to sit and watch class until the instructor feels the student is capable of rejoining class.  Parents/Guardians will be made aware of the situation.

Dress Code:  Students are required to follow the assigned dress code for their dance discipline.  Teachers and assistants have the authority and responsibility to check their students before class and to determine if the dress code is being followed.  Inappropriate dress or behavior will not be allowed and may result in removal from the class by the teacher.  Students will not be allowed to participate without proper shoes for safety reasons.

Cell Phones:  All phones must be silenced or turned off and placed out of sight during class time.  Absolutely no talking or texting will be allowed during class.  If a student chooses to break this rule, the teacher has a right to confiscate the student’s phone.  Any confiscated phones will be returned at the end of class.

Lobby:  Out of concern for our students and their families, the following rules apply to the lobby:

  • Children under 8 years of age are not to be left in the lobby without parental supervision. 

  • Students are to take all belongings with them into class.  Axis Dance Co is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.  Any personal items found will be left in the Lost & Found.

  • Food, gum and beverages are permitted in the lobby and dressing rooms only.  Please clean up after yourself.  Bottled water only is allowed in the studios.

Lost & Found:  Items lost in the studio are only kept for 30 days. Please check regularly as items are cleaned out and donated monthly. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Observation Windows:  The observation windows will be open for viewing unless the instructor finds it necessary to close them in order for the class to run smoothly.  Parents are welcome to watch the live feed in the lobby every week.  Observers are not allowed in class as it is disruptive to students.  This includes other students, siblings or friends.

Safety:  We are not responsible for students before and after their designated class time or once they exit the building. Please instruct your child to remain inside the building for the duration of their time before being picked up from Axis Dance Co. Students should be dropped off no more than 10 minutes before class and promptly picked up after class. No one under the age 12 is allowed to leave the building without adult supervision.

Insurance:  All students are required to be covered by their own health insurance policies.  In the event of an injury, it is understood that the student’s personal policy is the only source of reimbursement.

Communications:  In an effort to be environmentally responsible, we will be sending the majority of notes through email.  In the event that a faculty member needs to contact parents with short notice, text messaging may be used.  Please make sure the office has accurate email addresses and cell phone numbers to ensure you are getting all notifications.  We may still be sending home paper notes with students from time to time.  Please make sure to check your child’s dance bag for notes.  Extra copies of all notes will be kept in the office and posted on our website.

Questions/Comments/Concerns:  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave a message with the front desk staff and the teacher/owner will contact you as soon as possible.  Teachers DO NOT have time to answer questions or have discussions between classes.

2018-2019 Schedule:

September 4                                                      Classes Begin

October 17-19                                                    No Classes – Fall Break

November 19-23                                               No Classes – Thanksgiving Break              

December 19-January 2                                  No Classes – Christmas Break

March 11-15                                                       Picture Week @ Studio 

March 18-22                                                      No Classes – Spring Break       

May 27                                                                No Classes - Memorial Day

TBA                                                                     Spring Recital and Last Day of Classes

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